A global multi-billion dollar producer of health products was launching a new brand and website for which they needed content and three educational videos - some of which needed to target healthcare professionals and some of which needed to target consumers. The multi-billion dollar producer of health products had worked with another company that was expensive and had a slow turnaround so they were looking for a new partner who could provide the content quickly, professionally, and affordably.

NP/PA Engage worked within the customer’s budget while securing a nationally recognized speaker and contributor. NP/PA Engage, who is in collaboration with many well-respected experts nationwide, chose a specialist who holds degrees in entomology and parasitology from several universities.

As a result of NP/PA Engage’ partnership with such experts, the team is able to call on specialists to deliver scientifically based webinars and professionally written text for customers in a vast array of specialty areas. In this case, NP/PA Engage utilized their partnership with the expert to develop 60 minutes, 10 minute and 5-minute webinars. Two videos and one webpage were developed to address the needs of healthcare professionals while the other content was created specifically for consumer education in an easy to understand manner.

Website content and the first video were delivered within a few weeks and all content was delivered within 2 months as scheduled for a quick turnaround. The product launch went smoothly and the customer is in a better position to attract and impress website visitors with reliable, interactive website content including separate sections appropriate for consumers and professionals.

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