A global non-profit was building a program to educate pediatric healthcare professionals about optimal diagnosis and care for a specific medical condition. They had been emailing professionals, attending meetings, holding lectures, and spreading information by word-of-mouth. However, the global nonprofit still had a large supply of educational/promotional kits exceeding demand. They wanted to increase awareness by distributing as many kits as possible in under a month while extending their reach to healthcare professionals in more geographic areas.

NP/PA Engage organized a campaign using interactive methods to converse with thousands of targeted healthcare professionals.  A special offer was announced to the NP/PA Engage online communities through forums, newsletters and A/B tested targeted email communications. Kit requests were collected through an online form created by the NP/PA Engage team who also added a highly visible notice on the community registration page to further boost awareness among new members.

NP/PA Engage delivered over 780 kit requests to the global nonprofit in less than two weeks
far surpassing the client's goals and expected time frame. The requests came from all over the country and greatly extended the nonprofit’s reach into new geographic areas. NP/PA Engage saved the organization the time and money it would have cost to reach the same amount of healthcare professionals. The founder and executive director of the nonprofit was astounded by NP/PA Engage’ ability to exceed goals so swiftly prompting this quote: “The campaign with NP/PA Engage was both positive and effortless…greatly exceeding our expectations...allowing us to save time and money.”

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