Findings May Surprise Pharma Marketers

Prescription Writing Trends
While total prescriptions in 2015 only rose by 1%, the number of scripts written by NPs and PAs more than doubled over the past five years and this is likely a very conservative estimate. A new study by IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics released this year estimates that retail prescriptions written by NPs and PAs topped  676 million in 2015, but the real number is likely over 1 billion according to AANP and AAPA stats. In either case, that represents a more than 107% increase from 2010 – something that should have pharma marketers paying even more attention to NPs and PAs.


Continued Sharp Increase in NP and PA Care
Don’t expect the trend of more scripts by NPs and PAs to slow anytime soon. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the NP and PA professions will grow twice as fast as physicians. Whether you pin the primary cause on costs, physician shortages, The Affordable Care Act, new laws expanding NP/PA prescribing abilities or the rise of convenient urgent care and walk-in clinics (all culprits that play a part), you can no longer deny that the mix of professionals writing prescriptions has changed.

Have your marketing plans and budget been updated to reflect the changed prescriber landscape?
If you’re not heavily targeting NPs and PAs or your brand is not frequently prescribed by them, now is the time to change that. There are only two choices: capitalize or be left behind.
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