Pharma ROI Doubled through This Channel

Have you compared ROI for TV versus online marketing for the pharma industry? ROI for digital marketing in the pharma industry ranges from 4:1 on the low end to high double digits on the high end, according to an article by Bill Drummy who routinely calculates clients’ ROI in his role as CEO of a marketing agency. In comparison, studies show pharma often overspends on TV ads for a low, neutral or even negative ROI.

How Scripts Increased 20%

A recent survey showed that during the period RNsights handled NP/PApromotion for a big pharma, the drug usage by this population increased by almost 20%.That 20% increase in sales is easily translated into dollar values. Methods to track ROI of online campaigns include measuring script lift through surveys or purchasing data on the prescriptions written by targeted HCPs before and after the campaign.

Do NPs / PAs Specialize?

Although many NPs and PAs work in family care, the majority specialize. For almost every medication, condition, and specialty area, there are NPs and PAs to whom pharma should be targeting. For example, over 16,000 NPs practice in pediatrics and more than 17,000 in women’s health. Here’s a list of common NP specialties, but not all are listed below so if you don’t see the one most important to your business on the list, please inquire.

Do You Know How Much Pharma Loses Due to Nonadherence?

Pharma companies lose $188 billion each year because patients don’t take their meds.1 Let’s delve deeper into three specific ideas pharma marketers can use to reduce the medication nonadherence problem.

Infographic on Medication Adherence

This infographic illustrates the prevalence of two types of medication nonadherence and the consequences for patients, the healthcare system and pharmaceuticals. Are you aware of how large this problem is, and the impact it is having on pharmaceutical sales?
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