Thinking Outside the Pill Box

Thinking Outside the Pill Box. It’s increasingly difficult to market meds to HCPs so how can pharma marketers think outside the pill box to accomplish their goals? In a recent MM&M ebook, Keith Pieper, Director of Marketing at Ferring Pharmaceuticals, stressed the importance of undestanding the major influencers for writing prescriptions. He said that […]

New Study: NPs Practice in Areas with Greatest Health Need

New Study: NPs Practice in Areas with Greatest Health Need. New research published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine has revealed that physicians tend to practice in more affluent areas, while nurse practitioners tend to treat patients in lower income areas with the greatest need for healthcare. In the study using life expectancy […]

The Push for Personalized Medicine

The Push for Personalized Medicine. Personalized medicine and shared decision making between HCPs and patients have increased in importance the last several years. Personalized or precision medicine is an emerging approach for disease treatment that takes into account variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle for each person as well as an individual’s preferences, comorbidities […]

#1 Reason Patients Switch Treatments

#1 Reason Patients Switch Treatments.   A new survey of 8,000 patients revealed interesting insights for pharma marketers. According to the Accenture survey, 25% of patients report having either very limited or no knowledge of new products that might be suitable for them. Less than half of patients believe their doctors discuss the full […]

Neurologists vs. NPs/PAs – Surprising Results

Neurologists vs. NPs/PAs - Surprising Results. Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and Physician Assistants (PAs) prescribe monoclonal antibody therapies significantly more than neurologists, a new survey found. In fact, the survey found that compared to physicians, more than twice as many NPs/PAs prescribe Ocrevus – which is a new therapy for multiple sclerosis approved by the […]
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