White Paper: Device Purchasing Influence by NPs, PAs and Nurses

Device Purchasing Influence by NPs, PAs and Nurses: White Paper. NP/PA Engage just released an informative white paper – “Advanced Practice Providers and Nurse Stakeholders Play Pivotal Roles in Device Sales.” If you are a medical device marketer, this is a must read as the information should be used to develop your brand’s marketing […]

Report: NP/PA Prescriber Insights – 2021

Report: NP/PA Prescriber Insights – 2021. NP/PA Engage just released “NP/PA Prescriber Insights – 2021”. Find out how NPs/PAs compare to MDs in: mean time-to-adoption for newly approved drugs prescribing frequency patient profiles and patient support specialist care and specific drug classes ➢ Did you know NPs/PAs prescribe monoclonal antibodies significantly more than neurologists? […]

Are Your Patients At Risk for Dry Eye?

Are Your Patients At Risk for Dry Eye?. Dry eye affects 16.4 million in the U.S. and a recent study showed up to 6 million more may be undiagnosed despite experiencing symptoms (Farrand 2017) but which of your patients are at the greatest risk?   1. Advanced Age: The prevalence of dry eye (DE) […]

Adult ADHD Facts vs. Myths for HCPs in Mental Health

Adult ADHD Facts vs. Myths for HCPs in Mental Health. NPs and PAs who treat patients with mental health conditions must know and communicate to patients current ADHD data as there is much confusion surrounding the condition. Do you know the five prevalent myths below and how to debunk them with the latest research? […]

Thinking Outside the Pill Box

Thinking Outside the Pill Box. It’s increasingly difficult to market meds to HCPs so how can pharma marketers think outside the pill box to accomplish their goals? In a recent MM&M ebook, Keith Pieper, Director of Marketing at Ferring Pharmaceuticals, stressed the importance of undestanding the major influencers for writing prescriptions. He said that […]
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