Neurologists vs. NPs/PAs – Surprising Results

Neurologists vs. NPs/PAs - Surprising Results. Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and Physician Assistants (PAs) prescribe monoclonal antibody therapies significantly more than neurologists, a new survey found. In fact, the survey found that compared to physicians, more than twice as many NPs/PAs prescribe Ocrevus – which is a new therapy for multiple sclerosis approved by the […]

Medication Adherence Revolutionized

Medication Adherence Revolutionized. The FDA just approved a pill with a digital tracking device that patients swallow to record when the medication is taken. This is the first U.S. drug with an ingestible sensor that transmits information to a wearable patch and smartphone app to allow patients, caregivers, and prescribers to track when the […]

Prior Authorization Headaches for Pharma Brand Managers

Prior Authorization Headaches for Pharma Brand Managers.   About 86% of medical practice leaders reported that prior authorization (PA) requirements have increased over the past year, a 2017 MGMA survey found. Prior authorizations are barriers from health plans which can result in both patient treatment delays as well as changes in preferred therapies or […]

Is Amazon a Threat to Pharma?

Is Amazon a Threat to Pharma?.   Could the largest online retailer in the world enter the U.S. pharma industry? It may be a smart growth move for a company known for its distribution network. "Amazon may be speaking with mid-sized PBMs now in an effort to get into the pharmacy services space… our specialists […]

Hurricane’s Impact on Puerto Rico and Life Saving Drugs

Hurricane's Impact on Puerto Rico and Life Saving Drugs.   The FDA and drugmakers are taking steps to prevent global shortages of critical drugs after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, an island that manufactures seven of the top 10 medicines sold worldwide. The FDA commissioner said his agency has about 40 drugs that could […]
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