A large international medical device company was looking to educate relevant HCPs about men’s health. They wanted to provide information specifically to diabetes educators as well as NPs and PAs in relevant specialties.

NP/PA Engage created an online CE accredited webinar with a nationally known and respected subject expert as speaker. NP/PA Engage hosted it for 12 months and promoted it via email to over 20,000 total targets working in men’s health, endocrinology and diabetes medicine.

NP/PA Engage surpassed the medical device company’s goal for webinar views within 30 days only using an email marketing campaign. The emails designed by NP/PA Engage to promote the webinar had a 20% open rate, far higher than the industry average, and resulted in hundreds of views.

The impact and success of the CE webinar was further illustrated by positive viewer feedback. This included one diabetes educator who was so excited about the content that she appeared on her local TV news program to help spread awareness of the medical issues and important points covered in the CE course.

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