MDs and NPs Prescribing Habits

  Oct 18th 2016

Comparing MDs to NPs / PAs

Are NPs and PAs prescribing too much or too little?

The stats indicate these providers are basically on par with physicians. Numerous studies show NPs/PAs prescribe as often as MDs and are not simply relegated to paperwork and taking vitals nor are they handing out scripts when they shouldn’t. In a National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey, there were no differences among MDs, NPs, and PAs in the percentages of visits in which drugs or immunizations were prescribed and labs or other tests were ordered. At least two other studies had similar results with the exception of one finding that NPs wrote significantly more prescriptions in rural areas.

What does this mean for pharma marketers?

Though NPs and PAs differ from MDs in where and how they should be marketed to, the conclusion is NPs and PAs are equally important targets with just as much effect on bottom line and market share.

What percentage of your pharma marketing budget goes toward NPs/PAs and why?

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