A multibillion dollar global specialty biopharmaceutical company needed to gain actionable intelligence about the unmet needs of school nurses regarding ADHD students. The company was determining school nurse exposure to ADHD as well as the tools necessary to help them. However, the company felt that traditional market research would cost too much and take too long to provide the required insights from this very specific and hard to reach target.

NP/PA Engage used their resource of the largest online community of school nurses in the U.S. to easily find suitable respondents. NP/PA Engage also helped develop an online survey including questions about frequency of addressing ADHD and which tools would be useful to school nurses in guiding students, parents, teachers and others in how to deal with ADHD. NP/PA Engage distributed the survey to the target specialty nurses and aided in evaluating the results.

NP/PA Engage delivered survey
results within three days including analysis of responses from 164 school nurse specialists which provided valuable insights to the client. The survey revealed unmet needs of school nurses for additional training on topics such as ADHD medications, the outcomes and expectations with combinations of medications, and how to guide both students and their parents to better cope with ADHD.

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